What is a sociopath?

Sociopathy is commonly defined as a personality disorder marked by failure to conform to social norms, reckless and impulsive behavior, aggression, and a lack of remorse.

Sociopaths are unapologetic and bellicose non-conformists, and as such are often seen as anti-social and amoral due to their refusal to get along. To fit in. To comply.

What is an athlete?

An athlete is strong. Fit. Active. An athlete is dedicated to physicality, and an elite athlete understands that mental strength is the foundation of physical strength.

Athletes are disciplined. Committed. Unrelenting. Competitive.

Some of the greatest athletes in history have demonstrated traits that would mark them as sociopaths. The ruthless competitors. The grinders. The men and women who do whatever it takes to get an edge, and hold nothing back along the way. They’re often described in reverent, yet unflattering terms due to their apparent lack of compassion: Savages. Warriors. Gladiators.

Sociopathy is labeled as a disorder because it’s rare, because it’s easier to conform. Likewise, elite athletes are rare, because it’s easier to be mediocre. Both are often lonely, solitary lifestyles, simply because they have so few peers.

We’re here to bring them together – a tribe of sociopathletes. The individuals who seek strength on their own terms, fitness against any obstacle, and disciplines themselves against the only accountability that truly matters.

Accountability to one’s self.

Western society has become a celebration of convenience and consumerism. Mindless media is streamed directly to us wherever we go, and junk foods are ubiquitous.

We are encouraged to sit, watch, eat, and remain fat and docile.

This is what society demands. This is what is normal. They’ll call it a personality disorder if you reject this.

The real insanity is in conformity.

Don’t conform. Compete. Hold yourself accountable. Reject the norm. Pursue strength. Embrace discipline.

Be sociopathletic.

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