by Noble Brown

When we started Sociopathletic, we knew exactly what sort of company we wanted it to be.  We wrote a Manifesto.  We started working on products and content.  We had a hundred great ideas all at once.

And then someone asked us, “What kind of company is it?”

We realized we didn’t have a quick answer for that.  It was easy to describe, if you had five minutes for me to tell you about it, but in under 30 seconds?  We had to boil it down.

So, here’s the essence of what Sociopathletic is, in a few brief paragraphs that could be delivered in less time than it takes to ride an elevator.  Maybe we’ll eventually get it down to under 140 characters…


We are a lifestyle philosophy company that gives a label to a dying breed that doesn’t need it, because we want to find and build up more like us.

Society used to hold us accountable to certain values: Hard work. Fitness. Readiness. Self-improvement. Intelligence. Wisdom. Honesty.

We are cultivating a community of individuals who maintain these values under their own self-accountability – the aggressive go-getters who set high goals for themselves and sustain lofty expectations for what they want in all aspects of life.

They’re the sort of people who get out and do the things ordinary people only fantasize about.

The disciplined savages.

The sociopathletes.

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