Twenty Years

The year is 1992. I'm not quite 18 when I travel from Olney, Maryland to Tempe, Arizona to start my freshman year at Arizona State University. Based entirely on my SAT scores (my high school GPA was underwhelming), I am admitted to the Honors College. In those days, the Honors College had small classrooms and […]

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Don't Use The Phone, I'm On The Internet

February, 1995 I dropped out of college in the dead of winter. Fortunately, I was living in Tucson, Arizona at the time. Less fortunately, my only transportation was a motorcycle, and I had a thirty minute commute to my first full-time job. And my shift started at 3 a.m. It was still pretty cold. **** […]

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The Picture Had A Story

The Google Photos app has a feature where it regularly shows you a photo from the current date, several years ago. Yesterday, it showed me this one: A rusty old squat rack in a dirt driveway. With a chicken photobombing it. I decided it was time to tell the story. If you didn't know me […]

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Fraternity of Excellence

Online communities have become a hip new trend. Places to find like-minded people focused on common goals in a space that is not as threatened by censorship or moderation that will deplatform you for wrongthink. (This is why I've re-emphasized work on my website and mailing list lately) I have harbored tremendous skepticism towards such […]

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Our beloved President has referred to certain constituents as "Neanderthals" of late, and I, for one, appreciate the compliment. Homo neanderthalensis was likely smarter and stronger than his cousin, Homo Sapiens. His only real problem was he was kind of anti-social, and unpopular with the rest of the bipeds of the era. Relatable. If you're […]

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Addiction is not your problem...

Winston Churchill habitually started each day with a glass of scotch before he even got out of bed. From his early 20's, his consumption was legendary, and in addition to the booze, he routinely smoked ten cigars a day. For those of you unfamiliar with the habit, a "Churchill" length cigar takes a good 45 […]

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