"I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can be careless. But not men."
- Vito Corleone, The Godfather

For most of the 20th Century, the feminist movement worked toward the goal of total independence for women. It was so effective that by the 21st Century, the movement has run out of rights to win for women, and now focuses entirely on the emasculation of men.

We can argue the origins, merits, and hidden agendas behind the movement ad nauseum, but the reality we must face now is that men and women live in a world where women are now expected to be fully responsible for themselves, and men are expected to stand aside and allow them.

The problem is that there remains the dynamic of men and women in a relationship, and while men can ignore the consequences of women’s behavior when they have no attachment to them, they are impacted by the actions of their wives/girlfriends no matter how progressive their attitudes toward female autonomy and agency might be.

In fact, women will usually insist upon their male partner’s support of their decisions as a condition for the continuation of the relationship. Thus, no matter how reckless they behave, their men are expected to endorse them, and shield them from consequence.

The reality is, all women really want is protection. That is, and has always been, their biological imperative. Men should provide it, but not without the condition of submission.

My wife shared a post on social media about a woman who had refused to tip her waitress, instead choosing to write on the receipt, “Don’t call my husband sweetheart.”

My wife’s take was that the woman was insecure, and that’s her husband’s fault.

She’s right.

The strong independent woman narrative is abandoned the moment you take responsibility for a woman by making her your wife. Whether you like it or not; whether she likes it or not. She’s your responsibility. Her behavior is a reflection of your leadership, and you will be held accountable for her actions.

Why, then, did this woman behave this way?

First, she shouldn’t have been paying the bill to begin with. That alone is an indicator that the leadership dynamic in the relationship is broken. But, let’s assume there was a rational reason for this and get to the real issue: Why is she so jealous of a waitress being friendly to her husband?

She’s insecure. She’s guarding her mate because she feels, on some level, that there is reason to fear that he might leave. It’s not rational. We all know that pretty young waitresses are friendly towards their customers as a means to coax larger gratuities from them.

A wife who is secure in her relationship doesn’t think twice about this. She could have an attractive husband who is the object of female flirtation everywhere he goes, and not be the least bit bothered by it, so long as her husband is sufficiently attentive and affectionate toward her.

Women require attention and affection. When they aren’t receiving it from their husbands, but observe their husbands granting it elsewhere, they become insecure. This isn’t “dread game.” Dread is seeing the husband receive attention elsewhere, knowing the husband is affectionate toward you, but also knowing that perhaps you, as his wife, are not being sufficiently affectionate and attentive in return.

A husband being inattentive and unaffectionate is simply a bad husband. In the case of the receipt example, he’s now suffering the consequences of his wife’s misbehavior as a result. He won’t be able to eat at that restaurant again without fear of having someone spit in his chowder.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the example in this video of a couple walking through an airport. The husband has his head on a swivel, keeping an eye out for anything that might present a risk. The wife, on the other hand, is blissfully along for the trip without a care in the world.

Because she can be.

This is an ideal state for women; the luxury of being totally carefree, secure in the knowledge that her husband is not only looking out for her at all times, but is fully capable of protecting her and is leading her in the safest way possible. She’s on an adventure, but one where the excitement can be embraced without any concern for risk.

Do you think she cares if the waitress at the airport bar flirts with her husband? She’s on her way to Fiji, where she’s going to spend a week in a bikini getting groped by him. The waitress isn’t even on her radar.

“I like not having to make any decisions. It’s like a spa day for my brain forever!”

There's a scene in the Barbie movie where Ken relieves the feminist Barbies of their responsibilities and places them in traditional roles (and outfits). When the "Physicist Barbie" is asked about her new occupation, she responds gleefully,  “I like not having to make any decisions. It’s like a spa day for my brain forever!”

As much as Barbie tries to push feminist propaganda, it is remarkably honest in this regard. Making decisions is exhausting for women, and most of them will be happy to let a man that they trust take that responsibility from them. Observe this phenomenon on your next two date nights: On the first, ask her where she wants to go to dinner, and don't go until she makes up her mind. On the second, make a reservation and tell her to dress appropriately for the location you've selected and to be ready at a specific time. See which date makes her happier.

Let the women be strong and independent when they're single. If you're going to marry one, understand that she's going to be much happier if she can be careless under your leadership and protection.

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