Finding and Cultivating a Spirited and Dynamic Woman

In a previous article, I talked about the carelessness of women, and how it is important to expect it, and even provide a safe place for it in a relationship. Women are happier when they can be careless without consequence, and given enough time to grow in this space, they can reach their full potential as perpetually youthful companions.

The secret is Brat Energy.

A brat is defined as an ill-mannered child; one who often deliberately misbehaves without fear of any meaningful repercussion. When used to describe a grown woman, it typically means whimsical and playful behavior, often meant to vex their mate.

In red pill terminology, this can be classified as a sub-category of shit testing; although I would consider it on the frivolous end of the spectrum.

Brat behavior is a common attention-gathering technique for women who are secure and confident enough to not require more serious interaction, as their basic needs are already met and all they really want is to have fun. Most women are fully capable of brat behavior, and while the playful nature of it has a veneer of immaturity, it is only the most fully developed women that reach the apex levels of brattitude, or, as I like to call them…

… the GigaBrats.

Some women are naturally inclined toward this personality. You can often observe the potential in young girls who are particularly sassy, witty, and rebellious. These traits flourish most readily in stable family environments – the “daddy’s girls” with doting fathers are most likely to grow in this direction. This does not mean that they will maintain these qualities; many such women fall into the trap of excessive masculine responsibility or even outright bitterness either by choice or consequence once they reach adulthood.

This dreary condition is not necessarily permanent, and it can be reversed under the right circumstances. Further, women who have not grown up as “natural” brats can also cultivate this virtue, with a little guidance.

There are a few core traits that a GigaBrat must possess, and if you want such a woman, you should seek out one who displays potential in each of them; if you are already married, you should encourage the development of these attributes:


She can’t be a brat if she’s stupid. All her attempts to be whimsical and fun will just be annoying. She’s got to be able to “read the room” and know what buttons are safe to push, and when. Once she’s cultivated this skill, she’ll also be able to apply it externally to your benefit. She’ll possess keen observational abilities and be able to react rapidly as necessary. She’ll also be able to leverage her innate manipulation talents against allies and enemies in a manner that is discreet enough to keep you out of trouble.


Bold, rebellious, and daring, a brat cannot be easily shamed, is not inclined to obedience, and actively seeks excitement. With her mate, she eagerly anticipates the effort he makes to tame her. With everyone else, she is utterly ungovernable. A man who can channel this energy will have a woman who becomes fiercely loyal to him and utterly disinterested in being led by any other.


Aggressive, with the potential for violence; a brat should be capable of fearsome intensity at all times while being cunning enough to know when to employ restraint.  A woman who knows that she is paired with a strong man will have the confidence to realize this potential, and will become a powerful extension of her husband’s influence.


Tireless and perpetually motivated, a brat is never discouraged or humorless, even under duress.  As you overcome hardship without despair or panic, she grows even more resilient over time.  Her constant good cheer becomes your shelter in every storm. 


Youthful, sexy, and energetic at any age, above all else, a brat must be attractive.  Elegance and grace are easily adopted when necessary, but a woman cannot be truly charming if she has an elderly or unshapely bearing.  A brat not only requires tremendous vigor to reach peak performance, she needs to be the object of genuine desire from her partner. 

These are the five key components for a fully-formed GigaBrat.  It is worth stating the obvious: This sort of woman is a handful.  She is a tremendous asset, and she’s a lot of fun, but she is not meant for passive men.  Her ideal match is a man with a keen intellect, exceptional vitality, and unshakeable confidence.  If a girl like this sounds like a pain in the ass, she probably will be.  They’re not for everybody. 

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